American citizen lives and works in Manhattan
CharlElie Couture (b. France, 1956) - A Brief Biography

Graduate Major from the French National School of Fine Arts (Nancy, France), CharlElie Couture is one of the founding members of the "Multism" – the school of art, which seeks interconnection between the different forms of expression (photography, painting, sculpting, writing and music).

In 1981, CharlElie founded the "Local à Louer" group of photographers, painters and poets in Nancy, France. That same year he created his famous "Art Rock manifesto" which stated that: "Art must make the junction between the functionalism of industrial society and the aspirations of pop culture".

Over forty years, CharlElie has released over twenty-five music albums, as well as multiple books of reflections, poetry and novels. Prestigious exhibitions of his paintings, photographs and drawings have been featured throughout Europe and the United States.

CharlElie has pursued his research and development in painting, sculpture and photography with the same tenacity as his international music career, (his album "Poem Rock" (1981) went GOLD in one month).

In addition to the visual and recording arts, he is a prolific producer who has facilitated several albums for other musical acts. As well, he has directed more than seventeen original film soundtracks. As a designer he has created watches, glasses, posters, logos and shoes, among many other items. Publications include the launch of the art journal, Le Télégramme. Accolades have been swift and abundant; in 1998 he was awarded "Officier du Mérite National" by the Minister of the Cultural Affairs.

In 2003 CharlElie settled in New York City and into a solid visual arts career. Worlds from his music fame – he re-started his life from scratch. For over a decade CharlElie has continued inventing himself through his visual art; in the heart of the city, known for embracing risk-takers. During this time CharlElie’s visual art career has acquired serious recognition and praise from his peers, critics and collectors alike.

In Manhattan, CharlElie has conceived of his own world - the RE Gallery, located at 345 East 104th Street in New York City.

"Inspiration comes from everywhere." Charlelie


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