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On parle de Charlelie dans la presse

Review of inner portraits in Perpignan

mardi, août 5, 2014

Article in L'indépendant newspaper (7/31/2014) - English Translation

CharlElie Couture : the Painter behind the Singer.

The contemporary art center -"Acentmètresducentredumonde"- unvelis inner portraits by CharlElie and 

travels by Manuel Boix.


The soul unviled
CharlElie, who is famous for his songs that are now part of the French heritage, introduces here his very 

contemporary inner portraits, made between 2013 and 2014 in New York.
"Very true to the Renaissance portraits, we present here the subject with his mask, that is with what the 

person lets the world see. this is not my vision. I chose around this range of portraits to put the 

inside of characters out. I suggest the story of the soul. Consciousness and unconsciousness, where 

nothing is perceived in full." Inspired by the city, these paintings -on cardboards, on wood and canvass 

with collage and on commercial posters- do not fear to unveil that emptiness is not oblivion and reality 

"is holographic, made of added layers. There are on these art works the visible world and the world you 

this artistic approach is interrelated with Charlelie's music career, he who has been painting since he 

was 15. "At this age I had my first exhibit. I left to go to New York City thirty years ago to gain 

credibility, for here in France, my paintings would always have been considered as a hobby."





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