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vendredi, novembre 28, 2014

Exhibition from November 28th, 2014 to March 1st, 2015

Poirel Gallery - Nancy

CharlElie NCY – NYC combines for the first time over one hundred art pieces created by CharlElie Couture from his adolescent days to the present, some of which were created specifically for this exhibition.

Born in Nancy, where he graduated from the National Fine Arts Academy with committee praise, the plastics technician artist CharlElie has been living in New York for the past 10 years, where he runs his own art atelier The RE Gallery.

RE for Renaissance

“In the United States, multidiscipline artists are called Renaissance Men”, explains CharlElie. It's the base of the “multist” concept: CharlElie believes that creation is enriched, rather than dissipated, by the experience drawn from several fields. He also claims that inspiration is not linked to the know-how.

The exhibition reveals the multiple practices, mediums, supports, techniques, surfaces and tonalities used by the artist. CharlElie carries out permanent passages between different universes: painting, engraving, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, sound, video. Through his eyes and actions, the artist associates and links the different forms of expression.

Commissionaire: Philippe Arnaud

Scenography: Patrick Perrin

Production: Pacôme Vexlard - East Wild Side in partnership with the City of Nancy – Poirel Gallery with the support the Caisse d'Epargne Lorraine Champagne-Ardenne and the Lorraine Region, with the participation of l'Imagerie d'Epinal




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